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Ankara House Slippers (NEW!)

Designer: CCNoir

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Ghanian artisans have created the perfect addition to your home attire. Relax in style in these handsome Ankara slippers. 

With a foam footbed, anti-slip bottom, and contrasting trim, these sweet slippers showcase the brilliant colors and patterns of African wax cloth. Prints vary.

Sold as a pair of slippers. Assorted colors. Because these are handmade items, each will vary slightly.

Origin: Ghana


  • XL - 

    Size: 12"L x 5"W
    Men's Sizes 11-12.5

  • Large - Size: 11.5"L x 5"W

    Women's Shoe Size 10-12, Men's Sizes 9-10.5

  • Medium - Size: 11"L x 4.5"W
    Women's Shoe Size 7.5-9.5, Men's Size 6
  • Small - Size: 10"L x 4.5"W
    Women's Shoe Size 5-7

Women's Shoe Size 7.5-9.5, Men's Size 6

Materials: Leather, cotton fabric, wood