My Life In 3 Looks: Inte’a DeShields

We all have that one friend who does it all. She’s worked many jobs, has a wide range of skills, she’s serial entrepreneur, professional and loves to sway and rock her hips to top tunes. I am that friend to my sister-friends who know my story. 

I have been blessed with many talents and skills, which means, like many of you I wear differents hats at any given time during the week. My week takes me from the university classroom to the studio to long walks through my neighborhood. 

LOOK 1: Professor

Life as a professor is absolutely AWESOME! And life a historically black institution is like icing on the cake, chocolate icing that is. I love my work and my students challenge me to discover new ways of teaching subjects that can, at times, be a bit challenge to read and discuss. One of the mantras at Charm City Noir is, “Embrace your heritage. Wear your culture.” I carry that mantra along with my preference for comfort with the saying, “ Be easy”, in my personal style. I like for my looks to be effortless and easy but dynamic and chalk full of layers. Like a lecture on language and culture. 

LOOK 2: StudioStorefront

My studio is where I get to create and entertain guests. Days in the studio require movibility. On these days my outfits are no fuss looks that won’t get in the way if I need to move mannequins, receive or make a shipment, or do a style a look or do a fitting for a guest.  

LOOK 3: In My ‘Hood 


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